A couple names to keep your eyes on for Pats fans 

Now entering the final week of the pre season and there seems to be a few holes on this Patriot roster. Starting on the defensive side of the ball the one spot that is exposes is the defensive end. With the injury of Derek Rivers, retirement of Rob Ninkovich and releasing of Kony Ealy this position is wide open. Now this would be the time for the Pats to trade for some guy nobody has ever heard of but they might already have that guy on the roster. Adam Butler who was an undrafted rookie free agent is now making a name for himself and could be one of the reasons why the Patriots felt comfortable enough to cut Ealy. Butler has grasped the system so far and has made plays all over the field. He’s been good in the run defense and has put some pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. He might not get a lot playing time but he could come in as some depth for some tired legs later on in the year.

Another name to keep an eye on is veteran free agent Dwight Freeney. This would be such a Patriot move to sign a vet and see if they have anything left in the tank. Like they did with Reggie Wayne in past years. Granted when Wayne came in he realized that the Patriots don’t screw around, they are the hardest working organization in the league and it was too much for him. Maybe Freeney can bring them some depth to the position and maybe some leadership as well since Ninkovich has retired.

Lastly is the Wideout position and since the Edelman injury who was an Ironman and didn’t really miss games too often. Now that the most realiable player in that position is out the rest of the team have some injury issues, so it’s time to look to see who’s out on the waiver wire. One name that could interest them is Anquan Bolden. He did just retire but that was because he was on the Bills. Maybe if he was on a championship caliber team he would come back and play, especially if he has the GOAT throwing to him. He would just add a little extra security to a stacked but venerable offense. The last player could be Vincent Jackson. He is a big touchdown catching wide receiver and he just brings another red zone target for Tom. I don’t know if they have showed any interest in him but there wouldn’t be any harm in kicking the tires on the veteran to see if he can play. He would add depth but he has also had injury history and wouldn’t be lock for the season. He could also do what Reggie did and come here and realize he’s gotten too old for such a high intensity team.


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