The Cavs Are Finally Coming to Their Senses

We all know that last week a trade was “completed” between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. The deal was a pretty even trade if I do say so myself. The Cavs got Star PG Isaiah Thomas, SF Jae Crowder, PF Ante Zizic, and a 2018 Nets first round pick while the Celtics got superstar PG Kyrie Irving. Everybody was happy on both sides because the Cavs got great assets including some starters, a prospect, and a great pick that they can build around. Of course the Celtics and their fan base were excited because they got the best player in the deal and somebody who they see getting them to the NBA Finals and potentially winning them a championship. Now when Isaiah Thomas went to Cleveland to get his physical, things did not work out as he failed it. The Cavs failed Thomas because of a hip injury he had played through in the playoffs. As you should know, because Thomas failed his physical that opened up the option for the Cavs to either void the trade or try to get more from the Celtics. So the Cavs basically just said give us Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown and then deal is done. If the Celtics were to add even one of those players to the trade that would make it a completely lob-sided deal. While obviously being the smart GM he is, Danny Ainge would not budge. Some experts were thinking maybe the Celtics will add a mid first rounder from a playoff team, but it doesn’t look like they will even do that. Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Cavs are “no longer seeking” Tatum, Brown, or even another top pick and they are looking for a bad first to even second round pick. Now why did they just change their mind? Well, one reason could be Isaiah Thomas came out and said “I’m not damaged… I’ll be back and be the same player.” That might have given them confidence back in him as now they most likely think he will be able to contribute to their team. Now if the trade stays as is or the Celtics add a bad pick into it, who wins? I will still say the Celtics because they are adding a superstar PG to play along side Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, and playing for Brad Stevens. This will give them a solid core that will get them to the playoffs and can get them to a championship. Hopefully this deal can be completed and we can get the NBA season underway.


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