Damian Lillard said the most correct thing I’ve ever heard in the Lebron-MJ debate

For basketball heads, the Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James debate is one that could rage on for days. Before Lebron, no one could touch Jordan, now it seems each year more and more people are starting to say that Lebron is GOAT. In my opinion, Lebron needs at least another ring to be in the conversation, but that’s a discussion for another time. Now it is starting to show that as time goes on Lebron seems to be more skilled in his later years. Jordan was better at the mental side of the game, where as Lebron is a lot bigger and can dominate today’s game more.

Damian Lillard, my favorite player in the NBA right now and probably the most real player in the league, said the most accurate thing ever about the GOAT debate in a tweet late Tuesday night.

Dame is one trillion percent right in this statement. ESPN has brainwashed basketball society into thinking Jordan is untouchable by anyone, which is not true. I think Jordan is still better, but in the future, as time progresses, I think Jordan will become less untouchable (hopefully). Being a Boston fan, I would rather get water boarded (not actually) than admit Lebron is the best. But, even with Kobe. Kobe was the greatest scorer I have ever watched and people thought he wasn’t in the same category as Jordan. I think Jordan is great, but in the ever-changing NBA, new talent will come in and eventually out Jordan. It’s going to take some time to get used to, Dame is just the first to say it.

Isaac Fox



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