Fantasy Football is back!

Next Thursday will open the 2017 NFL regular season, as the Kansas City Chiefs visit the defending champion New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.  Sure, people will have Week 1 kickoff parties and get togethers everywhere.   Patriots fans will gather in their Super Bowl Champion shirts and Tom Brady jerseys.  But the real parties begin in the weeks leading up to week 1, as people everywhere gather with their buddies and life long friends to enter in their 10th fantasy football season, or a family league they have done for 15+ years.  Regardless of the seriousness and competitiveness of your league, FANTASY FOOTBALL IS BACK.

Over the last 3-4 weeks, everyone has rushed to ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, etc, to print out the latest draft kits, depth charts, rosters, scoring projections, and anything in between that they feel would give them the ultimate edge for the 2017 fantasy football season.  The question is then raised, what does it all mean?  Everyone is different when it comes to “Fantasies” if you will, but lets stay on the topic of fantasy football, and not get too crazy. Whether you print out 5 ranking sheets, or walk into your buddies house and pray your league commissioner printed off something for you, everyone preps differently.  Does the league junkie that has analyzed since the end of the previous year really have an edge over a new person who is just filling an empty last minute spot?  I mean, a friendly reminder, it is just FANTASY.

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Tom Brady has donned the cover of Madden this year, and for many, does this mean “STAY AWAY”.  Fantasy owners everywhere whom drafted maybe a little too early, now have lost their 2nd or 3rd round wide receiver in Julian Edelman, and are already rushing to the waiver wire before the preseason has even concluded.  Let the fantasy games begin come next Thursday, and whether you are playing in a $20 league or a $200 league, you are still among the millions and millions who enjoy the game year in and year out, and maybe 2017 is the year you will hoist the Fantasy Football League Champion trophy, if one exists for your league.  Good luck to all, and may the injury gods be forever in your favor!



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