LaMelo Ball Gets His First Shoe Deal

To start, I just want to say that I am the biggest Lavar Ball guy out there. Obsessed with everything he says and does. I have no idea why but I just can’t get enough of his ridiculous takes and ways to promote Big Baller Brand. The man is a genius.

However, I cannot stand any of his kids, especially LaMelo. The fact that he signed a signature shoe deal drives me crazy. LaMelo is a sixteen year old high school junior and is almost guaranteed to play in the NBA. His mixtapes of him chucking up 3’s from fifty feet out, throwing unnecessary flashy passes, and dribbling the air out of the ball are seen by millions around the world. He once scored 92 points in his high school game, but cherry picked the whole game crossing half court to play defense maybe twice.

LaMelo might be the most popular high school basketball player in the world and this year he will be wearing his own shoes, the MB1’s. Just like his older brother Lonzo’s ZO2’s, these shoes are being sold at a ridiculous price. The MB1’s can be yours for just $395!

These shoes look like the result of being on Nike iD customizing shoes for fun when you were bored. They’re hideous. The red simply does not go well with the snake skin pattern, who thought that looked good? Oh right, the sixteen year old overhyped fool. Why can’t Lavar be the only Ball. All of the kids are the worst. Well, except LiAngelo maybe, who knows. Lavar kind of ignores the fact that he has another son. LiAngelo is just in the basement stitching the ZO2’s and MB1’s while his brothers are living the life.

Check out the video release that LaMelo dropped today. He has a hard foul coming his way.

P.S. The “Ball in the Family” reality show about the Ball family is going to be ELECTRIC.


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