Midget Basketball is ELECTRIC

I’m sure most of you have seen the viral clip of that midget basketball player dribbling down the floor full speed ahead, putting on the brakes causing the defender to slide across the floor ricocheting his skull on the hardwood, and pulling the deep three ball. If you haven’t then stop reading this and watch the clip. Must watch.

(Video via Barstool Sports)

Everything about this is funny. From the crowd reaction, to everyone running up the court, to the defender falling over with his legs up making him look like a scorpion. We don’t want more midget basketball we NEED more midget basketball. Lets get the MBA (Midget Basketball Association) started. Maybe put it on over the summer as we wait for the NBA. The ratings would blow up. I mean look at the crowd, its PACKED.

Someone with money and power get on this as soon as possible. Strike when the iron’s hot.

For the viewers sake, watch this links and tell me I’m wrong about this. Also, what would be considered a Big in this league? Think about it.


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