Tiger Woods Golfing Again is the Best Thing All Week

As everyone knows, Tiger has had a rough couple of months. Golf’s once “Golden Boy” had a DUI where he had 5 different drugs in his system and was still somehow able to manage to get behind the wheel of a vehicle to a degree (obviously not enough seeing as he was caught and arrested).

Thursday afternoon, however, gave all golf fans a joyous sight.

This 30-some-odd second video brought an instant smile to my face. This is like in the Lion King when Mufasa died but somehow got back up. That’s what Tiger Woods is currently trying to accomplish.

If you have watched any golf in between 1996 and 2008, you couldn’t help but fall in love with Tiger. That damned smile. Tiger’s career has gone to absolute shit the past five or so years, and by no means am I saying that he’s gonna be out doing Jordan Spieth or Dustin Johnson anytime soon. I am saying though, that it is nice to see Tiger coming back to the game. We haven’t been able to see a fully healthy Tiger since his infamous back struggles. Hopefully, Tiger can come back on his own time now and maybe give his career a little boost. There’s no way in hell Woods will win another major (I hope he makes me eat my words) but a golf world without him in it just seems wrong. I think Tiger in a commentary role would be exciting if he is unable to return to playing form. But I’m hoping he ends his career like Tom Watson has for what seems like forever now. Tom just goes out every once and a while and shoots a decent round. Never enough to be in contention, but enough to hear his name called. That’s what I want from Tiger. At the end of the day, he has to think that he is technically getting paid to play on the most beautiful courses in the world. What I really want to see from Tiger though, is him to be dawned in that green jacket at Augusta just once more.

Isaac Fox



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