Ezekiel Elliott said WHAT?

I learned from this piece that during Ezekiel’s court session, he was under oath when he admitted to saying that in college he “liked to party”, “liked to get drunk”, and last but definitely not least “like to do drugs.”

Apparently, these actions are all justified, because he “liked” to do this, and it was “college, man…” SIKE, Ezekiel is just not the type of character you would want your son looking up to. Now, I am not saying the man is an idiot, no, actually, he is an idiot. I understand he’s under oath, he HAS to tell the truth, but the fact that he said he liked his girlfriend at the time, “because she liked to party, drink, and do drugs” in the first place, that is where I get to call him an idiot. You are a STUD Running Back at a great football school, you basically have your path paved to the NFL, so WHY would you be saying such stupid stuff like that?

Stay strong, Elliot fans, keep hope, pray that he has a “revelation” and becomes a smarter man after all this; hope he uses this as motivation to mature. After all of this, what do you think the outcome will be? Will Ezekiel get his suspension reduced? Will he get it erased? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section! Stay tuned for more Elliot news to come!


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