Why The Jacoby Brissett Trade Was a Good one

After getting the nod to start and play the final Patriots preseason game, some thought that how he did in this game would determine what the Patriots would do with him. However, I don’t think anyone saw what was actually coming after that night.

In the final preseason game, Brissett went 28-39 with 341 yards and 4 touchdowns to only one interception. He also added a rushing touchdown to his stats along with 4 carries for 29 yards. With that performance, it was safe to think that he had solidified his spot as the 3rd string quarterback for another year with the New England Patriots, at least I thought so.

On Saturday, I received a notification that indicated the Patriots had traded Brissett to the Indianapolis Colts for WR Phillip Dorsett. Initially, I was a little upset thinking that if this year or next year is Tom Brady’s last, they have Jimmy G to step up and take over the starting role and they would have a more than solid number two in Brissett. Now, they have Jimmy G to step up still but no quality number two quarterback anymore. Then it hit me. Who would have ever thought that Jacoby Brissett would turn into the quarterback he is today? Which makes me believe that it goes way past Belichick’s ability to recruit but rather it indicates how well the Patriots are at developing solid quarterbacks. Finding “peace” in that fact allowed me to actually think about this trade and realize that it benefits the Patriots as well as Jacoby Brissett for his personal career.

The trade for Dorsett makes sense for this reason. Since Edelman tore his ACL and is now out for the season, there is a hole in that slot position which realistically could have been filled by Brandon Cooks, who lined up in the slot for the Saints numerous times, but that would neutralize his speed threat on the outside. Acquiring Dorsett allows Cooks to utilize his speed on the outside while moving Hogan into the slot and having another speed threat in Dorsett to play the other outside position. The slot receiver is a position for the quick, shifty receivers who don’t necessarily have break away speed. A position where receivers like Hogan and Amendola would excel.

Also, having four good core receivers in Hogan, Cooks, Dorsett and Amendola is a hell of a lot better than only having three in Cooks, Hogan and Amendola and potentially being hopeful in the fact that Malcolm Mitchell will step up and have a breakout year.

This trade proves to be even bigger due to Gronkowski’s injury problems. If they’d kept Brissett, it would’ve meant not getting Dorsett. If Gronk’s injuries persist, the receiving core is really hurting. With the acquisition of Dorsett, it alleviates some of the pain that may come if Gronk is unable to stay healthy again.

It also benefits Brissett personally because now he will go to the Colts as a solid number 2 now and with the injury problems we have seen with Andrew Luck, could potentially find himself starting in this upcoming season. It benefits both the Patriots and Brissett.

After thinking this over logically, the trade is actually one of the better ones the Patriots could have made at this point in time. They saw an area of concern and fixed it. Dorsett will just be another weapon at the disposal of the greatest quarterback of all time. The NFL isn’t ready for this.


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