Hurricane Irma Impacts NFL Week 1 

At the time of this article’s posting, the NFL hasn’t made a decision on the status of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Miami Dolphins (+2.5) game this weekend which is scheduled to be held in Miami @ 1pm on Sunday. There are two options, move the game to another site or move the game up to Thursday or Friday.

Both teams have already said that although they have a week 11 bye, they do not want to postpone the game until then. I agree, because 16 regular season games in a row would be brutal for the players. The best option is to move the game to Thursday or Friday, it’s week 1 and both teams have had ample time off to prepare. Moving the game to another location isn’t an option because Miami has already “lost” a home game, week 4 vs the Saints, due to their game being in London.

The NFL and the owners have once again dropped the ball due to greed since they will most likely have to refund tickets to fans who will be evacuating the area. That is the only reason I can think of for the decision to be taking this long.

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