Lil B Has Blessed the Celtics

Just days after the v stressful completion of the Kyrie Irving trade, Celtics fans can breathe. And maybe even smile.

Mere hours after threatening Lonzo Ball with the dreaded Based God curse, everyone’s favorite rapper/deity Lil B has blessed the Boston Celtics with the Based God’s blessing. Every C’s fan needs to drop whatever God they once believed in and come on over to the church of Lil B. Come on, we have sweet beats.
Praise be unto the Based God.

Shoutout to Jaylen Brown for being real as shit. In all seriousness, this is a guy who, when he was drafted, had a lot of people in Boston moaning and groaning. Some of us didn’t know who he was. Others thought Danny Draft-Em had hoodwinked us once again into believing that he knew what he was doing (jury’s still not completely out on that one) only to squander all the positive moves we’d made.

Now, a year later, Jaylen is a possible starter and a real glue guy in the locker room. He’s got the veteran mentality and work ethic, and the youthful ability to make friends with every young guy who ends up playing home games at TD Garden.

Plus, his stat line isn’t much to hate on, and neither were the big playoff minutes he logged toward the end of last season.

On top of that, he just brought the Based God onto the C’s side. I think it’s safe to say I’m down with the Brown in more ways than one.

My new name is Based God, ice cream paint job.


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