Not For Nothing, But is J.J. Watt Getting Credit For The Wrong Reasons With His Hurricane Relief Work? Or is it Justified?


So we all know that J.J. has done some pretty great stuff; I’m not looking to overshadow that with my next comment, but a buddy of mine requested that I write something to at least address the question posed in the title.

So here is what you probably heard: “J.J. Watt is donating 31 million dollars to the relief efforts in Houston.”

That isn’t the case. The dude donated 100K. Don’t come at me in the comments with “well, how much did you donate?” because that isn’t the point. He’s being credited with 310x what he actually donated. The guy absolutely needs to be thanked for donating at all, but everything we are seeing on the internet and TV is about how Watt is selflessly donating $31 (and rising) million dollars to the relief efforts. Why aren’t we seeing things about what is really up with the donations?

  1. Normal citizens are donating all that money, not Watt. He’s just leading the charge, which is still amazing.
  2. Watt should be addressing the fact that it isn’t him, it’s the generous donations of the people in this country that are making the difference. Especially in a time where people are so goddamn divided already.
  3. Watt should be praised for what he actually did. He rallied the troops. He got people up and moving to get the help that was needed for the people in his city. Crediting him for the $31 million is like crediting a General with winning a battle. He didn’t win it, the troops he “led” did (troops being the people in the case). Again, THIS IS NOT A DISS ON JJ, IT’S SIMPLY AN ANALYZATION OF WHATS POPULAR OPINION.
  4. J.J. is on the floor in Houston helping out. This is what he needs to be given the most credit for. Rallying the troops and leading from the front. He not only donated a large sum and got others to┬ádonate millions, he’s actually on the scene, doing even more. That’s totally fucking respectable. Awesome dude for that.


I literally can’t stress enough how much I am not hating on J.J. here. He just isn’t donating $31 million of his own contract money which is around $100 million. $100k is still super helpful, don’t get me wrong, but the millions he’s helped raise shouldn’t be credited to his personal wealth. What he should be credited for is being on the ground helping people in person, and getting others to get involved as well.

I’ll let everyone get pissy over the article, but I agree with my boy Tim: no way the media should be portraying him as giving all that money as his own. The people need to be credited with it, and J.J. needs to be credited, just correctly.

Scotch out.

PS. Tough Guy J.J. Watt left the Texans game with a dislocated finger.





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