No Way Patriots Lose 2 In A Row

There is still a lot of disappointment surrounding the Patriots opening night loss, which, to put it nicely, was a horrible night for the Pats no doubt. But if we can be honest with each other, there is no way the Pats start the season 0-2. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Yes, the Patriots defense was atrocious, and no, the Pats offense didn’t look too good. Don’t forget, the Pats lost three other season openers in the Brady era: 2001, 2003 and 2014. The Pats won the Super Bowl all three of those years, so if that’s not reason enough to be confident in this team, there are a couple more.

This weekend, the Patriots offense will face the Saints defense that is ranked second to last in the NFL in total defense. They allowed 470 yards of offense last week and 341 of them were passing, and that was against the Vikings who are a good team, but nowhere near the level of offensive firepower the Pats have. The Pats have the greatest quarterback of all time and speedy receivers like Brandon Cooks to throw, too. In my opinion, Brandon Cooks is going to be on a whole different level this weekend facing his old team in New Orleans. Add the fact that the new receivers have had another week to get on the same page as Brady, and this is a recipe for the Pats passing offense to start to take off, even if it’s a little later than we had hoped. That’s also part of the reason why I think the Pats didn’t do so well last week; they just needed more time to get to know how the new players play and get on the same page.

This is also a good week for the Pats defense to recover against an offense that, aside from Brees and Peterson, isn’t that good. The Pats defense definitely struggled in Week 1 against an offense that is pretty good, and the Pats defense is notorious for starting the season slow regardless. This week is a good week to make a statement and start to play at the level they should be on as they face a Saints offense that only threw for 284 yards last game. The potential loss of Donta Hightower could be a factor in this game with his MCL sprain, but if he doesn’t┬áplay, this isn’t an offense that I would worry about to the point where I think he NEEDS to be out there.


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