Isaiah Wright, the Running Back in ‘Last Chance U,” Charged with Murder

If you haven’t seen Last Chance U, I highly suggest you watch it.  For those of you who have seen this documentary, you know the background most of these kids come from. Some kids are charged with possession of drugs, failing of drug tests, domestic abuse, but none have ever been charged with anything nearly as severe as homicide.

Isaiah Wright was the talented running back who was seen as a cancer to his team. He never played to his full capability due to injuries and constant arguing with coaches and teammates. Wright, a true Division 1 talent at one point, saw his offers diminish and opportunities fade away after problems with his coaches began to occur as the season went on.

Wright and his brother Camion Patrick attended East Mississippi Community College, the junior college where the documentary is filmed. At one point, Wright was one of the top-ranked running backs in the nation. Patrick went on to attend Indiana University, while Wright committed to the Division-II University of West Georgia and took place in their spring practices last year before leaving before the start of the season. He was arrested in Tennessee this week for ties to the July 25th murder of Caleb Radford. 18-year-old Radford was found with fatal stab wounds on a street corner in Tennessee. He had graduated early from high school and had recently become a first-time father to a newborn son. Wright and his brother Camion Patrick, a wide receiver for Indiana University and former Last Chance U player, were two of the four individuals arrested for the crime. They’re each being charged with one count of criminal homicide.

Wright is a pure example of a waste of talent, on and off the field. He and his girlfriend have a baby on the way, and he just deprived another child of the chance to know their father by taking his life.

What a waste of that “Last Chance.”


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