The Next Reggie Bush?

We all know Reggie Bush as a good NFL running back, but he was the best player in the country in his college days. In all seriousness, when Reggie Bush played at USC he was the best player in the nation, putting up crazy numbers, winning games, and getting himself drafted, which lead to this great NFL career. Now, there is a new USC running back making amazing plays and torching defenses, and his name is Ronald Jones II.

As a freshman in 2015, Jones arrived onto the college football scene when he rushed for just under 1,000 yards (987 yards) and got in the end zone 8 times rushing. USC fans were looking at him as a solid running back who can make their team better. Last season Ronald Jones II truly broke out, rushing for 1,082 yards with 12 touchdowns. Playing alongside star Sam Darnold, he made a case to be the number one option in that USC offense.

This season Jones II has been leading USC to a 2-0 record and a number 4 ranking in the country. He’s rushed for 275 yards and 5 touchdowns in 2 games this season. Is he going to be as good as Reggie Bush was? Probably not, but he is looking like a top 3 running back in the nation as of right now, and can lead this USC team to a great season.


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