Could This Pats Team Actually Start 0-2?

Yes, yes they can. Look, a couple months ago, until last week even, I would have called myself mentally ill and tried to put myself in a hospital. But now look at this team. Did anyone expect Tom Brady to lose the opener to the Kansas City Chiefs? Hell no, but it happened. I’m gonna give you a little insight into why the Pats could be starting off 0-2 and what they need to do to prevent it.

Danny Amendola and Donta Hightower haven’t practiced all week, that’s the first terrible sign that this week won’t be better. Every last ounce of toughness got ripped out of this team (besides Brady, of course) when Hightower and Dola left the game. These guys are leaders on this team, and they need them out there. It’s been nine years since a player hasn’t practiced all week and ended up playing on Sunday. That’s not a good sign for Dola, Hightower, or this team. The Patriots actually only have three wide receivers on this healthy team right now. Remember going back a month or so when we were all saying how stacked this team, was especially on offense? Now they’re down to three wide receivers and one of them is a guy they got just last week in a trade from the Colts.

Maybe Brady can still pull off a win since he still has Gronk and all of these running backs to throw to. He also needs to look a bit sharper than he did in that KC game. Our GOAT was over-throwing guys and missed an open guy occasionally but hey that’s just the first game it’ll get better from here. The funny thing is, people are already out here saying Brady is done. Max Kellerman (yes, the dope on First Take) thinks Brady is done. Like many nonbelievers, he has said this on multiple occasions, and it’s way past starting to get old. Seriously buddy, stop saying he’s done. Or don’t; it’ll only piss Brady off more, and you’ll have unleashed a force you can’t stop.

This offense should be fine against the Swiss Cheese that the Saints call a defense. Brady has Cooks, Gronk and Hogan, so he should be okay. Sam Bradford ripped them apart so┬áif Brady doesn’t, then we can say there is an issue but for now, let’s wait and see.

The side of the ball that scares the shit out of me is the defense. If they got torched like that by Alex Friggen Smith, then what the hell are they gonna do to Drew Brees? Their linebackers are the worst spot, and I guarantee you that if I named some of these guys, you would be lost. Sure you know Van Noy and Roberts, but do you know Harvey Langi or Marquis Flowers? No, probably not and those guys could be the ones playing if Hightower can’t. Bill better have a gameplan to put some pressure on Brees, because if he has time to throw, he will find somebody open like Smith did. Also, where was Alan Branch on Thursday night? The man on that field last week was a ghost of last year’s Branch. He was awful and couldn’t make a single play to stop the rookie.

The secondary remains the lifeblood of this defense, and they need to put the rest of these guys on their backs and hopefully carry them to a victory. If not, it’ll be a bad week listening to Felger and Mazz rip on this Patriots team that looked so good on paper but now could be an embarrassing, steaming turd. Here’s to hopefully being 1–1. And hey, at least we got another six years of Pasta.


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