Live from the Middle Urinal: Courtesy Flush 39

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Happy Friday everyone!

Only a few more hours until the debauchery of the weekend begins, and you can get out there and irresponsibly consume absurd amounts of alcohol and definitely not use any illegal substances *wink, wink*. Get out there and live your best life. Get white girl wasted. #Friyay, bitch.

Before (or after) you lose your mind this weekend, Live from the Middle Urinal‘s weekly Friday “Courtesy Flush” is out. Peep it. This week, we’re talking the Sunday Scaries. So after you consume 72 straight hours of NCAA and NFL football and want to vomit from all the nachos and beers you’ve slugged, or on your ride home from work, pop this sucker on and relate to our struggles to get back to being “normal” humans for 20-30 mins.

And of course, we’ll C U Next Tuesday.

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