Kevin Durant: Basketball Giant, Mental Midget

Kevin Durant doesn’t worry about haters and people coming at him on Twitter – just look at his social media. Durant constantly picks fights with NBA fans, analysts, and former teammates. Long story short: KD is a diva.

I’ll be the first to say that I have no issue with Durant going to the Warriors. Everyone plays the game to win a championship, well, mostly everyone does. Durant is a competitor and cashed in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sign with the super-team Warriors. He left the Oklahoma City Thunder in the dust, and many fans displayed their feelings on Twitter, most consisting of hate and anger towards their former star player.

Some fans still have KD’s back and see that him leaving the Thunder was a very logical thing to do… or do they? Earlier today, news broke that Kevin Durant clapped back against a fan’s comment on Twitter. Nothing thrilling, just KD doing his thing. However, one small mistake shattered Durant’s image on social media.

Durant tweeted back at a fan, but it looks like the tweets were not supposed to be sent from his account. They’re clearly written from the point of view of an NBA fan standing up for Durant, but instead, show KD’s true feelings and reasons for leaving Oklahoma. In less than 280 characters, Durant showed how much of a mental marshmallow he truly is.

He can’t take a little heat from the fans over a year after making his decision, and he clearly has separate, “anonymous” Twitter accounts that he has been tweeting from, backing himself up. This makes you wonder, how many Twitter accounts does this baby actually have? How many times has he been in disguise, clapping back at Kevin Durant hate on social media?

This entire concept is just pathetic. Durant is lucky he is arguably the greatest basketball player on the planet right now, or else all of this off-court drama would really bury him. We can see why he’s been given nicknames like “Snake” and “Cupcake.” Get over it, man. Just delete your social media and play ball – it’s easy.

Durant’s most active fake twitter account has recently been released. The twitter was @RParks33633689 but Durant seemingly changed it to @RRHood62 after people found out about the account. Durant-in-Disguise is tweeting absolute gold, telling people how he really feels because he’s confident nobody will ever find out it’s him. Let’s take a look at these gems:

Durant sticking up for himself and calling someone else a child is beyond ironic how he is telling people to grow up, yet is a famous athlete making fake Twitter accounts to bash people and stick up for himself.

Good one, Kev. Really got him there saying, “I bet you are no one’s buddy.” Just kicking him while he’s down while hiding behind an anonymous social media account. Ruthless.

Again KD is reminding people that Russ is a 6’3″ 200lb athletic freak and not a child. Glad we could clear that up.

This tweet is very similar to the one that exposed him in the beginning. Maybe he was trying to respond as RParks the other day.

Here we see KD clearly not sticking to sports and using an analogy that came from the clouds. You already know that he was smiling to himself as he clicked send mumbling under his breath “Yeah, that’ll show him!”

Okay, this one is actually very good. This tweet was sent during the ESPY’s, when KD was nominated for Best NBA Player. A fan responded with the correct take saying that the NBA MVP probably should win that award, but Durant/RParks had something else to say about it. What an obvious dig at Russ here. Westbrook puts up 42 triple doubles and still gets killed by Durant.

Check out the RParks account for more petty tweets. Kevin Durant has been caught red-handed and is now hiding in the corner like a child. As good as Durant is at basketball, his mental game is horrendous.




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