The Los Angeles Chargers Should Bolt Back to San Diego

The Los Angeles Chargers returned back to LA, and quite frankly, there was a reason why they left.

First, there weren’t many Chargers fans in attendance. I attended the game, and thought I would see a great turnout because it was their first home game in LA since 1960, but Chargers fans were nowhere to be found; Miami Dolphins aqua took over StubHub.

Second, officials couldn’t get the names right, and it was laughable. While explaining penalties and such, they kept saying “San Diego” instead of Los Angeles. I get we all make mistakes, but making the same one over and over at the home debut is embarrassing. Or maybe they just really miss San Diego. Either way, do your job.

Lastly, the Los Angeles Rams had low¬†attendance at their home game against the Washington Redskins, too. LA should just focus on having just one home team instead of two so the numbers can be where they should. Aside from Chicago, sharing cities has never really worked well for sports teams, especially for football, since there are so few games. Having two NFL teams in LA play at home the same day as each other isn’t the smartest thing.

Logistics and snafus aside, the Chargers had a better fan base in San Diego, and they should go back. In my opinion, if they continue to play in LA, there’s just going to be overwhelming crowds of other teams fans attending the games vs their own. Who’d want to play under those conditions?



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