It Shouldn’t Take A Child Getting Hit With A Foul Ball To Get The Netting Talk Going

Fucking out of hand, man. Netting should have gone up years ago, but now we are going to start the discussion because a kid took a foul ball. I swear to god, idiots run these stadiums. 

Want to know why there isn’t a net up around the sides of the field? Because rich people would have to look through a net – not like they’re so hard to see through – to stare at their favorite glorified performer. There’s no other real reason why nets aren’t already up. It’s ridiculous, and now a pair of parents are frantic trying to literally SAVE THEIR KID. 

This isn’t just on the Yankees. This is on every MLB franchise. We have stadiums that will throw people out for using bad language because it offends people, but allow those same people to sit in front of 116mph foul balls with no protection. I get it, don’t buy tickets in that area or you’re just dumb, right? Well, people are that dumb. The same reason there is a mandatory net behind home plate is the same reason there should be one lining past the dugouts. 

The change should have happened a long time ago, but here we are, hoping and praying this kid is okay and didn’t suffer any major life-threatening injuries. Thoughts and prayers are with them but thoughts and prayers only go so far. It’s time to start pushing these teams to make a goddamn change without worrying how it effects their bank accounts.

– JS


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