My Thoughts On Kyrie’s “First Take” Appearance

I’d like to start by pointing out that I am typically a huge Kyrie Irving fan. However, I have a lot of issues with his recent interview on ESPN’s “First Take.”

To me, Kyrie (who is typically a humble guy) came across as cocky, condescending, and just straight up arrogant on the show, for many reasons. Mainly, the tough guy act he put on, saying he doesn’t care about Lebron Jame’s feelings and that it doesn’t matter to him if Lebron took the whole situation personally. I understand if something personal might’ve happened between the two, but let’s be honest, without Lebron James joining Kyrie in Cleveland, Kyrie Irving is not the Kyrie Irving we know today.

We know Kyrie as the star point guard with ice in his veins. He steps up in the playoffs and does not disappoint in clutch situations. Now, what if Lebron never joined Kyrie? Let’s think about what Kyrie Irving would be. Its simple; he would’ve be a great point guard and an elite scorer, but he wouldn’t have anything more to brag about. Without Lebron (who also brought in Love), Kyrie never would have had the chance to take the huge step from a great player to a star, which is due largely to what he has shown in the playoffs. Without Lebron, Kyrie is a great player with arguably no playoff experience and definitely no NBA Finals winning, game 7 shot. The defining moment in his career and the biggest play to date would be nonexistent without King James. That shot turned Kyrie from a great player to a star in a lot of people’s minds. Without Lebron, he is simply a good guard with some question marks. With Lebron, he turned to the cold-blooded killer we know as Kyrie Irving.

Am I saying Kyrie owes Lebron the world? No. Am I saying Lebron does not owe Kyrie anything? No. Am I saying the two should have a mutual respect for each other, enough to not go on live TV and act like they do not give a shit about each other? Yes, I am. Lebron has handled this whole situation with class. Why can’t Kyrie do the same? The two did something amazing together, and now they can both move on to the next season and fresh starts.

This was not my only issue with the interview. Kyrie was extremely rude to co-host Max Kellerman (who has constantly defended Kyrie on the air). He often acted as though Max was asking stupid questions that did not make any sense when they were simple enough questions that a middle schooler could understand them. By trying to make Max look dumb, Kyrie did the exact opposite. He came across as condescending and arrogant. Not to mention, Irving contacted them about being on the show, they did not come to him. Irving knew what he was going to be asked and he certainly understood everything that was asked during the interview. They were asking the questions everyone wanted answered. The same questions that the media has been asking since the day he wanted out of Cleveland.

So, Kyrie, don’t act like you’re too smart for these guys and don’t act like you don’t owe Lebron nothing at all. Coming from a huge Kyrie Irving fan, he looked like a cocky asshole during the entirety of his “First Take” interview. Hopefully, this ego does not follow him during the season.


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