The NFL Has to Set a Precedent After Trevathan’s Hit

The Packer’s got a blowout win on Thursday night over the Bears, but the bigger story is the huge loss they suffered. In the third quarter, Bears’ linebacker Danny Trevathan delivered one of the dirtiest hits I’ve ever witnessed on receiver Devante Adams. Adams had caught a pass and was held up and going to the ground when Trevathan charged at him from multiple yards away and speared him, knocking Adams completely unconscious. His mouth guard flew through the air, and Packers’ players immediately called for the trainers to come to the field. Adams was taken off on a stretcher.

Now, Roger Goodell has a big decision to make here. As a Patriots’ fan, I obviously think Goodell is a big phony. He preaches making the game safer. He changes rules to make it safer. He likes to act like he is all about safety. Well, Goodell, you have a chance here to prove that. You have to set a precedent now. You want to stop helmet to helmet hits? Take action on it. Put your foot down, let the league know that this kind of shit will not be taken lightly.

This hit was clearly intentional and the most dangerous hit I have ever seen. Get Trevathan out of the league. If you don’t do that, you have hit him with a huge fine and long suspension. Anything less than a suspension for the remainder of the season will be a joke and that will prove once and for all that you’re a fraud. You can’t possibly hand out 4-game suspensions in situations like this. If Deflategate is a 4-game suspension, this has to be at least a season. If Josh Gordon has not played in the league since 2014 for smoking weed, Trevathan should never play again for attempted murder on the field. Seriously, this hit could have ended Adams career and possibly damaged him for life. It’s time to take action Roger, make the right move. Set a precedent that you will not stand for this. Lives are at stake, but if you don’t care about that, at least do it for your legacy.


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