The Red Sox Look Promising Heading into the Postseason… NOT

After watching this shitshow of a baseball game between the Red Sox and Astros, my excitement for what Boston could do in the post-season definitely just evaporated to almost nothing, especially since they were playing against another playoff team.

The Red Sox took on the Astros last night, and although the loss isn’t a final indicator for the Red Sox about their upcoming postseason play, it’s definitely a way to measure or predict their postseason success against another good team: the Red Sox completely shit the bed.

E-Rod was on the mound, and as our Editor-in-Chief, Gabrielle, said on Twitter, “he lasted about as long as a guy losing his virginity.” I can’t think of a better way to put it; he was in and then he was out. ERod allowed 5 earned runs on 6 hits and lasted only 1.2 innings, and even that was too long. Thanks to him, the Red Sox faced a 3-run deficit in the 1st inning for the second game in a row, but this time, they didn’t come back. ERod will be pitching for the Sox in the postseason, but his final regular-season start inspired zero confidence.

The bullpen did no better, with Boyer allowing 4 earned runs, Maddox allowing 1, and Barnes allowing 2. They allowed 17 hits, collectively, and it was a pathetic showing from the pitching staff against a quality team.

It isn’t exactly reasonable to think the Sox would score double-digit runs to win this game – though they have made a few great comebacks this season – the offense didn’t look too stellar against pitching of the caliber that they will face in the playoffs. The Red Sox offense managed just 6 hits and 2 runs, one of which came off of the bat of Mitch Moreland, who launched one over the wall. Xander was responsible for the other RBI to give the Sox their whopping 2 runs.

I know this negative article is coming from a place of frustration, but when you lose 12-2 to a fellow playoff team, it gets you thinking about how the Sox will REALLY fare in the playoffs. Last night definitely brought me back down to Earth and lowered my expectations. I’m not saying I don’t have faith in the Red Sox, but it’s definitely shaken.

I’m signing off before my ranting gets out of control. The Red Sox officially lost the game 12-2, but thankfully, the Yankees lost, too, so the magic number is ONE. But as I always say, Go Red Sox!


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