Cam Newton is the NFL’s Biggest Douche

In a press conference on Wednesday, Cam Newton confirmed any suspicions I had about him being the biggest douchebag in the NFL. He is. Reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked Cam about one of his receivers improving his route running, to which this absolute piece of shit said, “it’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.” At WTP, we try to stay away from politics, and I will try my best to do that. I don’t even think this is an example of politics, but in this day and age, people will get butthurt about anything.

This statement is blatantly sexist. Believe it or not, it is sexist. Rodrigue is a football writer who happens to be a woman, and because she is a woman, she must know less about football? Come on, Cam. And Cam is (literally and figuratively) on a platform. He knows, at a podium, every move is analyzed under a microscope. He’s one of the NFL’s biggest stars. He knows eyes are on him. So why even risk saying some dumb shit like that? As an NFL star, if you think saying something will get you heat, don’t say it. It’s simple: Rodrigue was doing her job, and like so many other women before her, she was targeted for being a female. Luckily, social media has not let this sexism go unnoticed.

I have always thought Cam is an asshole. For one, he beat the Patriots last week, so fuck him for that. But, he carries himself with such an arrogance, and I hate it. Until Cam is the second coming of Tom Brady, I don’t want him to walk around like he owns everything. Everyone celebrates and some players give balls to fans, but there’s just something about Cam doing it that is so different. Next time you get stuck watching a Panthers game and he does his bullshit QB sneak and jumps over the line, watch him. He’ll always make sure to walk right by a camera so they follow him and record him hand a kid a ball. If you’re going to do something nice, just do it. Don’t make sure everyone’s watching. It’s douchey. Cam’s crying is also terrible. Players display discontent to the refs, but Cam. I don’t want to see that shit every down and you throw a tantrum. Chill the fuck out.

If you don’t think Cam is a douche after this, you probably the same person who thinks woman don’t play basketball right. Alright. Play Maya Moore and come back and tell me she doesn’t play right. If you comment shit about women making a big deal about “nothing,” you’re just as much of a problem as Cam Newton.

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