The Greatest Wedding Photo in Human History, Reviewed 

Wedding photos are always so cringeworthy. People faking smiles, simulating situations, I hate all of it. I remember walking through Central Park and seeing a couple trying to take proposal pictures. Now, it would have been cool if they were really in the moment, but they were not. I watched them for an odd 2 minutes as they continuously took photos in different positions (which I promise was way less weird than the event happening in front of me). The fake emotion, the fake expressions, I wanted to break my own neck just watching it.

People always have their wedding photos all over Facebook, and you know that every woman everywhere is going to be analyzing those pictures with a magnifying glass. That’s just what they do. Every hair out of place, every crooked smile exposed, they will find everything. That’s what makes this crazy wedding picture even better. In addition to the blatant awesomeness, they’re just taking the wind out of everyone’s sail when it comes to scrutiny. They now have the most famous wedding photo of all time, and there’s literally not a single thing people can critique on it.

Well, without further rambling on how awesome I think this whole thing is, here it is. The most amazing wedding photo in the history of mankind.

Awesome right???? Hysterical. Game-changing. Amazing.

PS. Good for you. If this was you, and you see this post, DM us, email us, whatever. We will send you a WTP wedding present.



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      1. Yes. I was on twitter for 9 months but got sick of it and deleted it. My buddy Mike aka blogger cowdick on my website insists I must have done something really weird on there and had to delete it but I didn’t. Lol. I still read WTP 👍 and will be commenting regularly

      2. I was down in FL. Got the robe at the Hyatt Grand Regency and was fully prepared to do a live review with you

      3. Haha. The brobe reviews get tons of pageviews in Europe. Feel free to steal that schtick. I’ve moved on to man slippers reviews. Those Tom Brady ugg slippers look incredible

      4. I have the brady ugg boots and the slippers with the flip up collar. Big fan.

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