John Farrell is Finally Gone

It has happened, Dave Dombrowski finally grew up and fired Farrell. Only true Red Sox fans know how bad he is since in the 5 years he’s been here he has 3 AL East Championships, and a World Series win.

Farrell could do it all – while he was off the field. The problem came during games, where he couldn’t make decisions to save his life. For instance, pinch-running Steven Wright, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with who this is, STEVEN WRIGHT IS A PITCHER WHO HAS BEEN ON IR SINCE THIS GAME LAST SEASON. Farrell cost this team a great knuckleballer who could’ve potentially changed these past two postseasons, but instead, watched the game from his couch. His lack of bullpen management, lack of control and respect, and overall poor knowledge is what caused this firing we all knew was coming.

This is the first move that needed to be made this offseason, and it gives hope for the next moves Dombrowski could make for another elite bullpen arm or the power hitter this lineup desperately needs. This is gonna be a long offseason Red Sox fans, but have hope, for the #FireFarrell movement has finally ended, and we can finally be excited about management in 2018.


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