Jake Paul is Internet Cancer

(TMZ) – YouTube celeb Jake Paul is known for comedic pranks, but there’s nothing funny about destroying people’s hearing … according to a new lawsuit.

A California man is going after the YouTuber and his team of pranksters for driving around L.A. with a super loud car horn and blaring it near unsuspecting pedestrians. The point of the prank? Capturing the looks on their scared faces … far as we can tell.

According to the suit, Paul and crew rolled up on the guy as he was leaving a store in WeHo and the obnoxiously loud horn ended up damaging his hearing. He says his encounter with Jake’s crew is included in a video posted on Paul’s YouTube channel.

The man’s suing Jake Paul and his company for damages for the injury and emotional distress.

If you have a phone and live in the 21st century, you know the piece of shit better known as Jake Paul. If you’re a “Jake Pauler,” you’re just as bad and you’re dead to me.

Paul’s pranks are the worst thing to come out on the internet. Not only his content complete ass, it’s cringy as fuck. Jake Paul did a “Jakepool Karaoke” with 21 Savage. I wish I was lying when I tell you I had a gag reaction multiple times. The now-famous news clip of Jake and his “Team 10 Gang” outside of their house is some shit that makes Dahmer look sane. He has an army of prepubescent teenage girls running rampage of his neighborhood. A neighborhood where normal people live. Imagine losing that lottery. One minute you’re excited you just copped a house in the Hollywood Hills, then the next morning you hear what you believe to be Satan himself yell “GOOOOOD Morning Jake Paulers” and instantly think of the mistakes you made moving in next to this bleached haired fuck.

Shoutout to whatever guy lost his hearing to get this dumbass finally in some trouble. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Paul shows up in court and says “It was just a prank, bro.” Damaged his hearing my ass though. It was a car horn. This guy has obviously never been to Boston. I’ve seen someone honked at a Jamaican woman and she yelled back louder than the horn itself. A car horn is giving no one actual hearing loss. This is the only time I’m okay with someone being soft. A better jail sentence than sending Paul to jail is to just force him to stop making videos. The dude who is suing is also claiming emotional damages. I feel as if anyone who has ever watched a Jake Paul video or has heard “It’s Everyday Bro” also needs to sue for emotional damages and I’m leading the cause. I officially announce I’m suing Jake Paul for making the piece of shit known as “It’s Everyday Bro.”

Isaac Fox



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