Roger Goodell’s Wife Has A Fake Twitter Account

Move over, fake news: fake accounts are the new growing problem on social.

The Wall Street Journal’s shocking news break revealed that Roger Goodell does, in fact, have fans, one by the unfortunate name of “jones smith” (no capitals). This online warrior (@forargument) dedicated his account to picking fights with the biggest names in sports media and beyond, from ProFootballTalk to Seth Wickersham to Jason Gay.

But how was the curtain pulled on this puppet? The WSJ’s expert social media investigators looked in Mr. Smith’s following list. Here, WSJ found celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Ryan Seacrest, and then four twitter accounts for the high school that Goodell’s daughters go to.

Put two and two together, and this leads directly to the commish’s wife, Jane Skinner Goodell.

Oops. The Jones Smith character’s tweets revealed compromising information that may very well unmask her husband’s inner thoughts. Among them, Skinner compares DeMaurice Smith to Donald Trump after Smith’s comments regarding the anthem protests.

Skinner even used her jones smith character to call her husband “courageous” after being called out by Richard Nixon nearly fifty years ago. For those wondering, old Roger wanted to be the Republican senator from New York, before Nixon and Agnew called him the “Christine Jorgensen of New York”. When Tricky Dick, the man who sent out a personal army of agents to break into the DNC to get dirt on a political enemy, calls you spineless, that just says it all.

Now, onto “jones smith.” What kind of name is that? Two last names? You’ve been married to the employers of thousands of African-American men for years and the best you can do to make a fake name is jones smith?

Fittingly, this story broke just weeks after superstar Warriors forward Kevin Durant was caught arguing with a fake twitter account who was suspiciously critical of Oklahoma City and coach Billy Donovan. Durant accidentally tweeted out the fake account’s lines on his main account, and the internet let him have it.

The Durant fail should’ve taught celebrities everywhere to close their fake accounts, but here we are now with the world’s hated man and his wife who is somehow still married to him. Mrs. Goodell apologized in a written statement. She laughed off her Twitter comments, which included her furious disapproval of the anthem protests of the past few weeks, and a comparison of NFLPA head man DeMaurice Smith to Donald Trump.

For as justifiably hated as Roger Goodell is, he’s lucky for all he has; a $40 million per year salary (with a hefty extension on the way!), houses in the Hamptons, and a wife that sticks with him after all the death threats and social media flack her husband has received over the years.

The story teaches us another valuable lesson: as educated and faithful Mrs. Goodell is, she is unfortunately just as stupid.


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