Superman Falls Again: Is Cam Newton Overrated?

Cam Newton struggled big time again last night. I have said time and time again, I do not think he is much more than a borderline starting quarterback on a good team. Is that a little bit of an exaggeration? Maybe, but I don’t believe it is all that crazy to say that.

This season has been bad for the former MVP, but when you compare it to the rest of his career, it’s actually as good as any of his other years aside from his MVP season. I know it is usually unfair to just invalidate an entire season of play (which I am doing with his MVP year), but in some cases, people have fluke years. That is exactly what Newton’s 2015 was. A fluke. And his six other seasons worth of games to support that.

Don’t get me wrong, Newton is a great athlete. However, whenever I watch him, I notice the same exact things: he is a very below average passer, he makes bad decisions and he is very inaccurate. Including 2015, he has completed under 60% of his career passes and has a brutal TD/Int of 1.6. Take out his fluke 2015 and those numbers get a whole lot worse. Since that year, he’s recorded 28 TD to 22 Int, completed just 56% of his passes and has a rating of 78.5. Pitiful numbers from a guy that has the nickname “Superman”.

This year, he has 9 TD and 8 Int, completing a CAREER HIGH percentage of passes at 64%. His career high completion percentage still has him sitting at 13th in the league among qualifying quarterbacks. That’s laughable. Yet, his rating is just 1.2 points below his career average (though it would be his 3rd worst single season rating, not his worst) and actually higher than his career average taking out his 2015 (99.4). With now 5, going on 6 mediocre seasons out of 7 total in his career, I just don’t understand how anyone can believe that 2015 was the real Cam Newton. Numbers don’t lie. There are easily 12 quarterbacks in the league right now that are much better than him, and at least a few more that you could also make the case for.

There is a clear outlier for a guy that has more than a few seasons under his belt. Cam Newton is barely a top 15 quarterback in football and numbers show that. Compare him to a mediocre player like Andy Dalton and the numbers aren’t actually close. That should be a huge red flag. I’m sick of hearing about how good this guy is because it’s pretty clear he is nothing more than a glorified, slightly-better Tim Tebow. Sure he is a great athlete, but is he really a great quarterback? Not at all.


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