Week 6: Pats – Jets

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now just two days away from the beating the Pats offense is going to put on the Jets. There is no doubt in my mind that the Pats will walk away with a win this week, but it goes deeper than that for me. I want to see how they won. Did they smack them? Did they win by the Jets making a stupid mistake or missing a field goal? The way they win it is more important than their record right now, crucial to this year’s outcome. If they go out there and absolutely destroy them on both sides of the ball, then they are right where they should be. If they go out there and win because of Brady putting up insane stats again, then I will be a little frightened.

The Jets suck. I don’t know how they are 3-2 and are tied for first in the AFC east East us, but they are. They have some guys on the defensive line that can cause some damage. It’s a little nerve-wracking, too, since the O-Line has sucked and Brady has a shoulder injury. If Mo Wilkerson is able to fly by this line, then there will definitely be some issues with them moving forward. I can understand if it’s Leonard Williams breaking through because he’s a baller, but Wilkerson? He got his contract and got fat. If he as so much falls on Brady’s shoulder, Brady could be done.

The Pats offense should be able to beat this team with its hands behind its back and one leg cut off. If the Pats can put up some good numbers against the Texans then they should have no issues doing it here. The offense isn’t the problem though. The defense has been the reason why they have lost these two games, and even their wins haven’t been pretty. If they let Josh McCown, as guy who has been literally everywhere, put up 25 plus, I will be disgusted. If they let up some big numbers, expect some bold moves to happen. Bill has not a care in the world if you love it and so does your family; if you play like crap you’ll be shipped to Cleveland where all careers go to die. Come playoff time, if they are still letting teams do this, they will have a longer summer than usual if this defense stays the same and are still performing like this. We just have to hope Brady comes out healthy after this game.

It would be a crazy instance of Deja Vu if Tom gets hurt and Jimmy G came in and gave an outstanding performance. Tom got his job because of Bledsoe getting hurt against the Jets, and the Pats had a rough start that year, too. Brady brought them a ring. Now, I’m not at all saying that Jimmy should take over for Brady, but wouldn’t be a twisted little comedy to see that exact situation happen again?


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