Down Goes Rodgers

In the Green Bay Packers last game, their all-pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers got sacked and landed awkwardly on his shoulder. Rodgers stayed down and appeared to be hurt. The medical staff worked their way out, and then a Packers fan’s worst nightmare happened: the cart came out and drove off with Rodgers and his limp arm.

The cart is something you never want to see in an NFL game. Rodgers is a game-changer and makes the NFL more fun to watch, and now he’s got a broken collarbone. As a fan, you really do feel for Green Bay, because look who they have to turn to now: Brett Hundley. Hundley is running this offense until Rodgers returns.

Rodgers has had this injury before, and he has come back from it in the same season but it is going to be tough. The Packers might want to make some calls to bring in other quarterbacks. Names like Kaepernick and Romo will be tossed around, but the Packers will most likely find somebody else entirely.  People are going to be going nuts saying they need to sign Kaep, but they really don’t, because Rodgers will be coming back, probably just in time for playoffs. They just need a backup to come in, win a few games, and get them to the playoffs so Rodgers can take over.

I think that the Packers will be fine and end up making the playoffs and hopefully, Rodgers can come back for them. It will be a tougher road to the playoffs for them, but it is definitely possible, and you want to see them succeed. The NFL wants the big market of Green Bay to make it to the playoffs; it makes the league more fun. With his late game heroics and Hail Mary’s, how can one not love what Rodgers has done in the past few years?

From a fantasy aspect, this injury affects a lot of players in the league, including Jordy, Devante Adams, Randall Cobb, and every single player on that team. Mongomery should now be seeing a much heavier load due to Rodgers’ absence. This could mean more points for him, but it also means defenses are going to try to shut him down.  The defenses that they play from here on out will have an easier time when they only have to shut down the run game and Jordy.

I really do hope the Packers end up getting to the playoffs, because them being there makes the playoffs whole again. Maybe we finally get to see a Brady v. Rodgers Superbowl, but with this injury and the way the Pats are playing, we may never get to see the ever-elusive Brady v. Rodgers Superbowl. A man can dream, though, can’t he?

As a football fan, I send my thoughts and prayers to Rodgers and hope for a speedy recovery.


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