Annnnnnnd Bow Wow Does Stupid Shit On The Internet… Again

Oh, Bow Wow. Good Ol’ Shad Moss. You really outdid yourself this time. You fucking dumbass. Bow Wow’s irrelevant ass tweeted this:

This is like the damn private jet all over again. Bow Wow claims a fan sent it to him as the official Death Row roster. Just like the private jet, it’s so obviously fake, it hurts. Stevie Wonder can tell his face is photoshopped on. Everyone’s serious and shit and then there’s Bow looking like a Gerber baby outcast.

Now while Bow Wow very well could’ve been on Death Row at the time, and nothing against Death Row (I enjoy living AIDs-free *ahem* Suge Knight) but if you’re legitimately having Shad Moss act as a headliner on your record, then retire. I honestly have never heard a Bow Wow song I can remember out of anything in Like Mike.

Also, Bow Wow, the disrespect in this picture is insane. Even if a fan sent this to you, don’t let it see the light of day. By posting this, you’re basically saying you deserve to be mentioned in the same breathe as Dre, Snoop, and Pac. BLASPHEMOUS. Even if Bow Wow was on the roster, he didn’t get any love, and for good reason. You don’t see NBA benchwarmers getting love from endorsements (excluded: any Brian Scalabrine slander). James Michael McAdoo isn’t getting a billboard and for good reason. He is Bow Wow’s basketball equivalent. James Michael McAdoo. And I’ll break it down. McAdoo had his name in good conversation in college, as a boy some might say. He hasn’t done shit as a man. When was the last time anyone heard Bow Wow’s name for anything that wasn’t shitting on him? Like Mike, he made it as a boy. I hope Bow Wow keeps fucking up because it always gives me a solid article to write. But why does he care? He’s probably swimming in cash wearing those autographed Michael Jordan shoes.


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