Trailer Park Boys Fans Mourn The Loss of John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey)

John Dunsworth passed yesterday at the age of 71. John was a great actor, and a very humble man. He would spend hours after shows signing autographs, taking photos, and talking to his fans. Dunsworth had acted in over forty films, most notably Trailer Park Boys.

In 1999, television was graced with the best trailer park supervisor ever, Mr. Jim Lahey. Played by John Dunsworth, Lahey first appeared in the movie Trailer Park Boys.  The comedy was so successful, a television series began two years later, which has now spanned eleven seasons. John Dunsworth played the role of the antagonist, a former cop turned recovering alcoholic trailer park supervisor. Ironically, John did not drink alcohol at all in real life. Mr. Lahey, who was always out to spoil the boys’ – that would be Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles – plans, was one the top four characters in the show.

The show is set in a Canadian trailer park, where no laws are enforced, and the growing of marijuana and its consumption is encouraged.

Lahey was a fan favorite, he used lines such as, “just a little drinky poo.” “Im mowing the air, Rand!” and “The liquor is calling the shots now.” He had classic phrases such as; shit rats, shit winds, shit birds, and anything else you can put shit in front of. To you unimaginitave bastards saying that this is not funny, then go watch the damn show.

Through the show, we follow Mr. Lahey on his quest to ruin the boys plans, whatever they may be, while also being drunk and somehow managing the park. We watch as he fights his acholism, which almost everyone in the show has, and his affairs both straight and gay.

Along with his sidekick, and sometimes lover, Randy Bobandy, who is the assistant trailer park supervisor, we follow Mr. Lahey on adventures that could only be made from imagination in a trailer park.

Thank you Mr. Dunsworth for all the laughs and smiles you gave me, as well as millions of others.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dunsworth family during this hard time.


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