Isaiah Thomas is Back to Being a Classy Dude in the Wake of Gordon Hayward’s Injury

Isaiah Thomas has been a frequent topic of discussion in the Boston sports world for a while now, but more so since being traded to the Cleveland Cavs in a blockbuster deal that got us the inimitable Kyrie Irving. He took the trade as personal, rather than business, and has been giving interviews about his feelings on Danny Ainge trading him that have made Boston fans more than uncomfortable, veering into unhappy territory.

Needless to say, this all came to a head in last night’s highly-anticipated Celtics season opener against none other than… the Cleveland Cavaliers. Former teammates facing off, drama, heartbreak; it looked like it was going to be a hot one.

Unfortunately, the game quickly took a terrible turn, as new Celtic Gordon Hayward fractured his left ankle in a horrifying fashion. He’ll be out, probably for the entirety of this season.

The social media sports world has been flooded with prayers and well-wishes for Hayward, from NBA legends to fellow NBA players, including one from Thomas himself.

Thomas also apparently visited Hayward, who he helped recruit to Boston before being traded away himself, in the locker room as he received medical attention.

It’s just nice to see players displaying sportsmanlike qualities on and off the court. I always liked IT, and it bummed me out when he kept talking about the trade. I’m sure it hurt, but at a certain point, you’re still the guy making millions to play a game, and trades happen. Going on and on about it only distracts from your talent and potential, and it makes you look like someone who can’t get over being dumped. Maybe now that this big game is behind the two teams, the season can get underway sans drama.

Also, here’s a video from this summer of my grandmother (who I didn’t even know liked basketball) being very upset about the Celtics trading IT.

Stay classy, IT.


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