Last Night Reminded Me How Much I Hate LeBron James

When the Celtics faced off against LeBron and a bunch of his puppets last night, I was reminded just how much LeBron infuriates me. I know he is an unbelievable basketball player and everything, but come on, this guy is the worst. His mannerisms drive me insane, whether it’s him thinking he is the funniest human on the planet, his uncomfortable facial expressions, or complaining about a call during a game and then after the game telling the media that he is not one to complain.

I also can’t stand how television announcers *cough cough* Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan *cough cough* act like they are witnessing Jesus Christ coming back to Earth whenever LeBron does anything. For example, he threw a left handed bounce pass as NBA players do, and I had to turn down the volume cause Miller and Harlan were cheering like children. He does spectacular things on the court yes, but announcers would cheer for him if there was footage of him tying his shoes on the bench.

Also, people on Twitter were going off about how well he was playing with a ripped jersey. How in the world is that an actual story? LeBron did absolutely nothing to influence his jersey ripping. In the 4th quarter, Jaylen Brown grabbed the back of LeBron’s ugly Cavs jersey and ripped it right down the middle. Hulk-like strength from my good pal Jaylen. LeBron then scored, played some defense, traveled, fouled (both never called), made me want to throw up, etc and at that point he could do no wrong. This drives me nuts that “Ripped Shirt LeBron” is a thing. Kyrie should one up him and rip up his shirt like those jeans that are about $100 too expensive.

As if watching LeBron play especially after Hayward went down didn’t ruin my night already, the Cavs won and James delivered maybe my least favorite postgame interview ever. Kristen Ledlow asked him the question, after complimenting him on playing so well with a ripped jersey, “Describe your mentality in the fourth quarter.” LeBron then replied with “I’m out of shape.” An answer that literally had nothing to do with the question.

I actually stood up from my chair and had to walk away after he said that because if you follow LeBron on any social media, he posts pictures and videos of himself in the gym making sure the world knows he is working out.

I hate this man so much. He definitely said this because he needs people to compliment him. He needs attention and people to cradle him. People fall for this illusion every single year. Maybe you weren’t working out, LeBron. Maybe you are one of those meatheads that go to the gym, take a picture and post it to show off, then go home. We will never know, but if you are going to brag about how much you work out over the offseason, then don’t lead off your very first interview with “I’m out of shape.” I mean that’s just garbage.

Last night started the season and restarted my hate parade for LeBron. I can’t wait to see what else this idiot has in store for this year. Anything he says or does will forever drive me crazy, and I hate that the Cavs are going to beat the Celtics this year in the playoffs now that we lost Hayward. When is he going to retire and get out of this league forever? Actually who knows, this fool is 100% the type of guy to come back from retirement just for the attention as opposed to “for the love of the game.” Pound sand, LeBron.

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