Shut Up, Joel Embiid

Exchanges between Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside and Philadelphia 76ers center turned keyboard warrior Joel Embiid got intense during last Friday night’s preseason game. Whiteside began the game hitting a jumper in Embiid’s face but was blocked by Embiid on a layup soon after. Whiteside then blocked an Embiid jumper later on but was plagued with foul trouble. When Embiid drew Whiteside’s third foul in the first quarter, he motioned to the Heat bench to take Whiteside out mocking the Heat center.

At this point, you really don’t expect anything less from Embiid. The guy has a big mouth and doesn’t play enough to back up his trash talk. And in typical Embiid fashion, the feud was taken to Twitter that night. Whiteside commented on a video of Embiid’s trash talk saying, “Funny how y’all don’t show me telling him the same and 1-7 shooting or the first 2 flops I mean blocks. Y’all fanboys I swear.” I find it hilarious that Embiid still feels that he has earned the right to trash talk after scoring 5 points on 1-7 shooting in a preseason game.

Anyway, the Sixers center responded, “Dude they had to take your ass out or you would’ve fouled out in 5… And we’re talking about preseason, not regular season #Softy. And keep caring about stats and not your team success….. your +/- was ass @youngwhiteside #Softy.” The Heat center closed out the beef by tweeting, “31 games in [3 years]. Hopefully, I get to see you regular season #SolarEclipse #EmbiidEclipse.”

Joel Embiid really needs to know his role in the league. He is not a top tier player yet. He is a constantly injured bum who has only played 31 games in 3 years. That is completely pathetic. And then he has the audacity to talk trash on Twitter seemingly every day. He has only played 787 NBA minutes but he’s tweeted over 2,400 times. I’m sick of hearing that Joel Embiid has gotten into Twitter beef again. He’s irrelevant. He’s basically a meme at this point. I’m not even going to link his Twitter page because that’s how unworthy he is of your follow.

Joel, you are not LeBron James. You are not even an all-star. If you want to talk, back it up on the court. Play a full season or at least half of a season. Show us why you have the right to trash talk. But for now, do us all a favor and just shut the hell up.


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