“12 Strong” Looks Like The Best War Movie Since “Black Hawk Down” (TRAILER)

I’m sure I will get some flack for not saying “best movie since Lone Survivor” or something like that, but the fact of the matter is, Lone Survivor was an incredible story that was made a little bit too Hollywood in my opinion. You want an amazing story, read the book. The book was a trillion times better, I promise.

Back to what I meant to get into. I was scrolling through Facebook because my skull was on the brink of imploding from midterms, and this trailer just popped up out of nowhere. I clicked on it, and within the first 8 seconds, you see the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center come across the Television and you’re like; “oh shit…” because you know damn well that if its starting with that, its got to be something with some passion behind it.

The trailer’s credits: Bruckheimer and the other dudes who brought us Black Hawk Down. Hemsworth gets the lead role, and from what I’ve seen already, he kills it. Halfway through the trailer, a very slow acoustic version of “Wont Back Down” (RIP Tom Petty) starts playing, and all the hairs on your body stand up. It’s a fantastic trailer previewing what I’m sure will be an incredible movie.

The story follows the declassified (TRUE) story of twelve special operations soldiers who volunteered to be the first to fight back. On September 12, 2001. These solders teamed up with the “Northern Alliance,” United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan, in an effort to force out the terrorist insurgency in Afghanistan. They faced enormous odds in their efforts. Without giving anything else away, just take a look at this trailer.

Expect me to see this movie the day it comes out. You’re all encouraged to join.



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