Julio Jones Blames Fog For Falcons Loss, Doesn’t Understand Concept of “Fog”

Ah yes, the old fireworks tactic has been put into play by Bill Belichick. Quite honestly a brilliant plan, if you really look into it. One of the biggest threats of the Falcons is their ability to fire the deep ball. What better way to eliminate that than to cast a magical blinding fog in the stadium to impair the Falcons’ vision? What a call by the greatest coach of all time.

Seriously, though, Julian Jones is an idiot. He really went on to do a postgame interview saying that New England set off fireworks, which created the smoke all to impair his and his teammates’ vision. Well, he said it didn’t affect him… then said it’s hard to throw deep balls because of it… then said it didn’t affect his team at all. A man full of contradictions, it seems Julio himself was confused as to how the fog actually got there.

I’’ll cut him some slack. Early on in the game, I complained about how the smoke from the fireworks was affecting the viewing of the game. Then by about the end of the first, I realized that it was actually just fog creeping in. Even if I was still second-guessing the fog, I could have just went outside of my house, which is approximately 20 miles from Gillette and realized there was fog around my area as well. If that didn’t work, just about every social media site and broadcasting network did say it was fog, not smoke from any fireworks. Apparently, Julio didn’t get that message.

“It’s crazy though, like, they score and they shoot fireworks off and then it sits high, kind of in the stadium,” said Jones.

First off, Julio really must have thought these were some amazing fireworks considering the “smoke” traveled miles and miles across the Massachusetts area. If the team ended up going straight to Logan airport to fly back to Atlanta, he must have been amazed to see the smoke had traveled all the way into Boston. Or, maybe TSA has been setting off confiscated fireworks at the airport as well.

The best part of all of this is the fact there were no fireworks. The Patriots don’t shoot off fireworks after they score. They shoot off old muskets that barely let off any smoke. If Julio doesn’t know the difference between fireworks and a 300-year-old model gun, he has bigger issues to worry about than his team’s 3-3 record.

This whole thing is insanely stupid to the point of hilarity. The fact that Julio Jones really thought New England shot off fireworks as a tactic to keep the lead is crazy. I guess my biggest question about his claim is, did he really think he figured something nefarious out? If this was an actual problem, wouldn’t the NFL have already shut this down and took away the Patriots first-round pick? They’ve done it before for much less of a scandal. Jones must have really thought he uncovered the secret of New England’s success.

Once again, it seems New England is deep in scandal. Fog-Gate has taken over the internet. Regardless of the outcome, credit to the Patriots. They picked fireworks that were so strong, the smoke was actually still there when I woke up this morning and looked out my window. 


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