‘Speak For Yourself’ Has To Be Worst Show To Grace Television

October 19th, 2017. The day FS1 should’ve dropped Speak for Yourself permanently.

I was at a pizza place trying to enjoy a subpar piece of pizza, and I look up and see this absolute bullshit. “Should Kyrie Irving already regret leaving Lebron and the Cavs?” Fuck that.

I’m mad for a variety of reasons. First off, at this time the Celtics had played one game and just lost Gordan Hayward for the season. Kyrie isn’t going to regret it. Watch the Celtics hit this other level. Jaylen Brown is about to be the Most Improved Player of Year. I don’t even know that analyst is, I don’t want to after this. All his credibility needs to be gone immediately. Second, Kyrie is in one of the best systems in the NBA and as a top 3 point guard in the league. WHY WOULD HE REGRET THAT? Anyone involved with this fuckery needs to be beheaded. It’s not a good discussion and honestly unfair to the rest of the Celtics organization. This is designed to create turmoil inside the locker room. But it won’t. Because the Celtics are better than that, and because no one even watches this damn show.

The other issue I have with this is the secondary headline. “It’s not easy being green.” FUCK THAT. Why do non-Boston outlets hate Boston so much? Boston is the best city and fans love their teams to death. I still fuck with Isaiah Thomas heavy and probably always will. Miss me with the bullshit Boston fans suck. We’re loyal to the death. We will cheer up 20 or down 20 and be happy. Players have always said Boston fans are some of the best you can play for and all that racist slander needs to be put in the dirt. Everywhere is racist. It is just a fact nowadays.

I don’t want to dive too deep into this realm of politics, so I’ll end on this; Kyrie isn’t regretting anything until given a reason to, and I don’t see anyone complaining and no one will be, come June when the Larry O’Brien is his way back to the Bean ready to get on a Duck boat.


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