These Little Piggies (And A Pug) Go To The Market

I love animals, just love ’em. Pigs are up there on my list of favorites. One of my goals in life is to have a pet pig, probably name him Porkchop after the piggy bank in Toy Story. Teach him to fetch, give him food, basically just raise him like a dog, even though he is a pig.

Anyhow, Melissa in Macclenny, Florida is living the dream. This lady doesn’t just have one pig. Oh no. This lady has four. How do these names sound to you? Prissy, Pop, Posey, and Pink? Oh and get this shit, not only does she have four pigs, she also has a pug named Pigtail. Talk about a family, my god. I mean the pug is still a dog, but at least it’s trying to fit in with the others. Pig, pug, one letter away so not much of a difference there.

Look at the smiles on these little oinkers! They are having the time of their lives!

Melissa, for whatever damn reason, has to go to the tractor supply company. Why the hell she needs to go there, I do not know. She does live in Florida, a state I do not fuckin trust. For whatever reason, she decides to bring the whole gang inside with her. Boom basket of pigs and a pug strolling through the store.

Gotta wonder the difficulty level of getting all the pigs and pug into the cart and controlling their excitement inside the store. I know tractors just drive me wild.

This is where I put some pieces together and need to start asking questions. Obviously, Melissa lives and works on a farm. If she doesn’t then she is just a fuckin weirdo at a tractor store showing the gang a good time.

Let’s assume she does work and live on a farm, are there more pigs there? Are these little bastards about to face the same fate as the little pig that went to the market? Oh yeah for y’all that don’t know, in the rhyme where the little pig goes to the market, it means he got butchered into bacon and ham. I mean it makes me question, is she just showing them a good time before their end?

The answer is no. Melissa is just a fucken awesome pig/pug owner who needs the pigs’ opinion on tractor supplies.

I envy Melissa, most people just want a dog or cat. Well, I want a pig, and she has four plus a dog that is basically a pig.

Cheers to you Melissa, we applaud you as well as Prissy, Pop, Posey, Pink, and Pigtail.


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