What is “Parkball Heroes?” (also now on Apple Podcasts)

If you haven’t been listening to WTP’s NBA podcast Parkball Heroes then you have been missing out on possibly the greatest basketball show of all time. Kobe Bryant himself even said that, not kidding. Here’s his quote, “Parkball Heroes is the Kobe Bryant of podcasts.” Crazy stuff.

It could be our fault you haven’t listened to it though. We only posted the show on Soundcloud and realized that it was not the best outlet to reach our fans. If you want to be brought up to speed with the weekly NBA news, then go to Apple Podcasts and search Parkball Heroes.

Once you’re there you might as well subscribe, share with anyone with ears, rate the show and tell us what you think. Unless you think we are bad, then keep those thoughts to yourself. You’d be dead to me.

We put a lot of time into the show and have a lot of fun doing it. So far we have had guests such as Greenie and Clem from Barstool sports and Adam Kaufman from WBZ radio and 98.5 The Sports Hub.

Ty, Nate, and Mike are the hosts of the show and have been good friends their whole life. They argue over NBA topics, throw out hot takes, make fun of each other, but most importantly entertain…we hope. Give us a listen and get back to me @WTP_tymiller. We hope you enjoy it.


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