Amazon Wants You to Start Letting Their Delivery Guys in When You’re Not Home Because There’s No Such Thing As Privacy Anymore

In creepy news apropos of Hallo-Week, I read this morning that Amazon wants you to start letting their delivery people into your house. The kicker? This Amazon Key thing would let them in for you when you’re not home.

Now, I hate when I’m eagerly anticipating a package from one of my many online shopping bids (I have problems), and know it’s getting delivered and then come home to one of those “Sorry we missed you! We’ll attempt delivery another time!” slips instead of the clothes/makeup/baseball stuff I’ve ordered. But I don’t hate it enough to start letting strangers into my damn house.

I have so many issues with this, but the main issue is privacy. Who’s to say that delivery guys wouldn’t abuse this service? The Amazon Key kit includes a security camera and smart lock, but in this age of technology, anything can be hacked. If you sign up for this program, you’re basically saying you’re ok with potentially getting robbed or letting a stranger rifle through your underwear drawer.

Of course, the easy solution is to just not use the service, which, based on social media response, won’t take off anyway. But you have to wonder where our society is headed that Amazon thought this would even be something people would want. The logic behind it is clear: no more rain-soaked cardboard boxes or stolen packages. Personally, I’d rather have a package stolen than the entire belongings of my house, but maybe I’m crazy.

This is a classic case of great ideas going south faster than the speed of light. I love Amazon Prime and being able to pick up items from an Amazon warehouse in my zip code is great. But will I ever let a complete stranger into my home when I’m not there? Would any of you? What the hell have you guys been smoking over there at Amazon HQ?


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