NFL Notes: Week 7

Week 7

  • The Patriots look to have righted the ship defensively after their rout of the Atlanta Falcons.
  • The Falcons are a disaster on the other hand, and Matt Ryan and the rest of the offense looks like they need a shrink to get over the Super Bowl choke of 2017.
  • The Steelers, despite playing good football, are also a mess, with internal dissension over the Kneel-tional Anthem and playing time being major factors in the turmoil.  Having a diva wide receiver is always an issue, and the Steelers have two of them, along with a diva running back and a quarterback who doesn’t exactly shut his pie hole with the microphones in his face.
  • The Chiefs have come back to earth, losing two games in a row as they approach a divisional game vs Denver in Week 8.  Look for them to feast on the Trevor Siemian led offense, the worst unit in Mile High since Tim Tebow led the charges.
  • The Eagles are flying right now, and Carson Wentz is rounding into form.  If Ezekiel Elliot ends up getting suspended this season, the path really clears for the Eagles to win their first NFC East division title since 2010.
  • The Bears remain competitive in most of their games, despite playing with an offense that puts up passing numbers that predate the forward pass.
  • The Titans are also a team that lacks direction. Coach Mike Mularkey, who sports a woeful career winning percentage, has stressed that his team will run the ball down the opponents throats. Last week that strategy led to a 12-9 OT win vs. the Browns in a battle of who can kick it thru the yellow bars the most. It’s always specious to hire a man whose last name is a synonym for ‘nonsense’, and so far Mularkey has not provided Marcus Mariota with a game plan that puts enough points on the board.  This week could be a tipping point for the staff.
  • In the Not-NFL Game of the Week, the boring Vikings take on the moribund Browns in Twickenham Stadium in southwest London. What worse thing could you possibly export to a foreign ally than 53 Cleveland Browns players? If you live in London, my advice is you may want to head north or east on Sunday morning.  The stadium is home to rugby matches, so it’s possible that if ticket sales are slow, the match will be advertised as a rugby match, and besotted fans won’t know the difference. Cleveland will return to home soil 8 games shy of the Detroit Lions single-season losing record. Browns QB DeShone Kizer would be wise to get the ball out quickly versus the Vikings D, or he could return in the cargo section of the plane wrapped in a body bag.




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