Spinosa’s Top 100 NBA Players (10-1)

With many reputable websites and sports magazines publishing their respective top 100 NBA players lists for each upcoming season, I can’t help but be shocked, angry, and sometimes amused by some of these so-called “experts” opinions and rankings. From ESPN ranking Carmelo Anthony at 64, to Sports Illustrated and the Washington Post demoting Kyrie Irving nearly 10 spots from the previous year despite having his best season, some, actually most, of these rankings are complete garbage. Most of these rankings, I’m looking at you, ESPN and Bleacher Report, get too wrapped up in advanced metrics that no one really understands. While others, Slam Magazine, just rank players based on big names and high point totals.

My rankings combine both of these along with the good old-fashioned eye test to determine who the real top 100 NBA players are. Some of you may disagree, so comment and share to see where we agree and where we differ.

We finally reached the end, and yes the king is still the king.

10. DeMarcus Cousins- C, New Orleans Pelicans

9. Kyrie Irving- PG, Boston Celtics

8. Giannis Antetokounmpo- SF, Milwaukee Bucks

7. Anthony Davis- PF, New Orleans Pelicans

6. James Harden- SG, Houston Rockets

5. Russell Westbrook- PG, Oklahoma City Thunder

4. Stephen Curry- PG, Golden State Warriors

3. Kawhi Leonard- SF, San Antonio Spurs

2. Kevin Durant- SF, Golden State Warrior

1. LeBron James- SF, Cleveland Cavaliers


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