Ty’s Takeaways: Game 5 Boston Celtics @ Milwaukee Bucks

The Celtics and Bucks faced off on Thursday for the second time this season, and the Celtics were looking for revenge after the Bucks won the previous matchup, 108-100. They had to travel to Milwaukee for this game, but instead of playing on the Buck’s normal home court at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, the teams faced off at one of the most famous arenas in the NBA world, the MECCA. Well, sort of. They played at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and simply had the MECCA’s court be redesigned on the floor.

Kyrie Irving, known conspiracy theorist and newly discovered idiot, thought that they were playing on the actual floor that was in the NBA fifty years ago. This fool thought that they were using the exact same flooring, paint, and set up that was once used in the past. Instead, they were playing on a brand new floor with the paint design of the old MECCA floor. If you think this floor looks good, then schedule an eye doctor’s appointment because your eyes are garbage.

Anyways, he refused to believe it and had this to say during the pre game.

Not a great look for Kyrie, but he more than made up for it with the game he played. Irving finished with 24 points and 7 assists, many of which found big man Al Horford who finished with team high 27 points. Kyrie also proved why he is one of the elite players in the NBA, hitting unbelievable shots and breaking down defenders with his insane handles.

Although Kyrie played out of his mind, perhaps the best Celtic that night was Al Horford. He ended the night with 27 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists while shoot an amazing 78.6% from the field and 80% from the 3 point line! He also hit back to back corner 3’s from Kyrie assists in the late minutes of the game to stretch the lead. He also had a very important offensive rebound with under two minutes left in the game allowing the Celtics to burn another 24 seconds. An all around solid game from Big Al.

As for the rest of the Celtics, not many people played all too well on the offensive end. the only two who scored in double digits besides Horford and Irving were rookie Jayson Tatum and big guy Aron Baynes who each had 12 points. Marcus Smart also hit two 3 pointers late in the game after missing probably every other shot the whole night. Marcus Smart missing almost every shot until late in the game? Shocking, I know.

As for the Bucks, Giannis played as we expected, unbelievably. He ended the night with season low 28 points (that’s terrifying that this is his low), 10 rebounds, and 7 assists. Giannis is a three point shot away from becoming unstoppable. He did go 2 for 3 from behind the 3 point line though, both coming late in the game as he tried dragging the Bucks back into the game.

Giannis almost sparked a war between Greece and Australia as he almost had the dunk of 2017 over Aron Baynes…again.

Baynes had a lot of guts to step in front of the Greek Freak’s dunk attempt after Baynes was already posterized from a Giannis’ alley oop in their first matchup this season. Again, this is the exact type of player I want wearing Celtic’s green and white on a nightly basis.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the game was that coach Brad Stevens played rookie Semi Ojeleye simply to guard Giannis. I have no problem with this because Ojeleye is the size of a house and what better way to transition into the NBA than guarding perhaps the best player this year.

Overall, this was the Celtics best win this season. They currently have the longest winning streak in the East (3 games lol) and the most road wins this season out of any NBA team. This game was the classic Celtics go up big in the first quarter, blow it in the second, and pull out the win in the fourth quarter. Even with a new team, they still play the exact same way as last year, which is good I guess because they end up winning right? Right?

The Celtics next game is this Saturday at Miami against the Hassan Whiteside-less Miami Heat. Lets hope to continue this win streak and see a much better game from Jaylen Brown who is coming off of his worst game this season. Anyways, lets go Celtics!

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