Jimmy Garoppolo Traded; Top 3 Potential Heirs to the Throne

I’m not crying. You are. My boy. Jimmy G. The best looking Patriots besides Tom (very debatable) has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a second-round pick. It sucks and all, but let’s look back at the camp. What other quarterbacks are there? Julian Edelman can save you from a game if (GOD FORBID) Brady goes down, but he’s on IR. So that means that Belichick and Co. are looking for the next understudy. Here are my 3 choices.

1. Colin Kaepernick

For just a second, let’s put all the anthem stuff to the side. I’m not going to look into any of his politics nor will I speak for them. Based on football skill alone. Kaepernick is better than many quarterbacks in the NFL right now. How quickly can people forget the Kap once led a team to the damn Super Bowl? That is no small feat in any book. The mobile-enough QB had some serious arm strength and decent accuracy. Now he is being treated like he’s next to nothing just because of the way he feels? It’s unfair to Colin-the football player. He should’ve had many more looks this offseason and frankly should be on a roster right now. Bill can put all that bullshit to the side and just let the kid do his thing on the field.

2. Brian Hoyer

Ol’ Reliable. Brian Hoyer has been in and out of the Patriot organization for what feels like forever. He knows the system. He knows the personnel. If Robby Kraft wants a no bullshit guy who can come in and immediately knows what’s supposed to happen, the best bet is Hoyer. A good back up at best, but that’s about it. A backup.

3. Johnny Manziel

Okay, now wait. Hear me out. Listen to me. Is Johnny Manziel bad, or is the Browns system bad for Johnny? It’s option B. Just like Kap, people forget how electric Manziel was at Texas A&M. Who is to say he can’t do it again?I don’t want to hear the “oh he’s too short” bullshit. That doesn’t matter worth a damn. Manziel is still young enough to where he still can be okay learning from Brady and if New England has shown us anything, players either toughen up or are out. Manziel said he’s been in rehab and god, I hope he’s mentally okay. When he’s on, Manziel is one of the most exciting players to watch when he’s on his game. Why can’t he rekindle that fire if the need be? He could also add a whole other dimension to the Patriots offense: Wildcat.


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