Patriots Trade Jimmy Garoppolo to San Francisco

So, let me start off by saying I hate this. I saw Adam Schefter’s tweet and franticly went clicking to see if it was a parody account but no. Real life. I have never yelled the word “no” so loudly or so many times in my entire life. I’m calming down now and am realizing the up sides to the trade but good God this sucks.

There’s no question the 49ers need a quarterback, desperately, and they got a good one. Although he only played a game and a half, you can argue Jimmy Garoppolo is more mentally prepared and knowledgeable than a lot of quarterbacks in the league. San Francisco was willing to part with a 2018 second round draft pick, which also shined a little truth light on the claims of Cleveland offering two first round picks for Jimmy this past off season. He’s studied under Tom Brady since being drafted in 2014, which has for sure prepared him to be a starter. However, this leaves 40 year old Tom Brady as the only quarterback on roster right now… It was reported that San Fran released former Patriots backup Brian Hoyer a few minutes after news of the Jimmy G trade broke, giving us all the idea that he’s making his return back to New England. Another key tid-bit in all of this is the fact that it frees up cap space in order to franchise tag Malcolm Butler.

Does this mean the Patriots have officially bought Tom Brady’s claim of playing at least five more years? It would appear so. That’s another factor in the trade. If Brady is really going to play for at least three more years, there’s no way the Patriots would offer Garoppolo a barrel full of money in order to stay as the backup. I’m all for that, because Tom has showed no signs of slowing down whatsoever. If you watch the “behind the scenes” video of Brady from the Atlanta game, he’s as into it as ever, while also still performing a thousand times better than any quarterback half his age. I’m all aboard the “Tom Brady Forever” train, but I am also heartbroken. This is going to take a little bit to get used to, especially not seeing 12 and 10 walk out of the locker room and on to the field together, yelling “LET’S GO” and hyping us all up pre-game. All sadness and jokes aside, I’m excited to see what Jimmy can do in a starting role.

Two thirds of the wolf pack have left us, and Tom is a lone wolf again.


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