Stephen A. Smith Says J.R. Smith Wearing a Hoodie Reminds People of the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

As if this isn’t the millionth time you have heard this before, but Stephen A. Smith said something about an athlete that wasn’t taken well, it became a story, and makes him look like an idiot. This time, he went after NBA legend and guaranteed Hall of Famer (sadly, this is a joke) J.R. Smith for maybe the worst take in NBA let alone sport’s history. Here is what Smith had to say.

“In Game 1, when they played against Boston, J.R. Smith was sitting on that bench in the fourth quarter with a hoodie on. I don’t know why the hell Nike made these damn uniforms that have hoods attached to it, by the way. You got a lot of those white folks in the audience thinking this is going to be Trayvon Martin revisited. And I’m not joking about it. The bench is no place for someone to be wearing hoodies.”

If reading this quote didn’t do any justice, then check out this clip.

If you’re reading this and don’t know the whole Trayvon Martin story, here is the spark notes version. In 2012, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was walking home in the rain one night. He was walking near the property of a man by the name of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman thought Martin looked suspicious and ended up shooting and killing Martin “for self-defense reasons.” Zimmerman mistook a can of Arizona Iced Tea and a pack of Skittles for a weapon, which lead to the shooting. Zimmerman was later found innocent and served no jail time.

What an idiot. Stephen A. Smith brings up an issue from five years ago for no reason at all. I am more than positive that nobody, let alone the “white folks in the audience,” was thinking about the Trayvon Martin tragedy when they see J.R. Smith wearing a hoodie. J.R. was mad at Stephen A. for what he said and rightfully so. He later went to Twitter to respond to Stephen A. Smith’s rant.

He also later elaborated in an interview where he was not limited to 140 characters at a time and said this, “I mean, that’s ridiculous,” he said. “Stephen A. said that me wearing my hoodie on the bench makes white people remember Trayvon Martin. For one, they should remember him. Everybody should remember him. But for two, I’ve always worn a hoodie. I used to wear my hoodie in New York.”

It almost seems like Stephen A. set him up to fail with this alley-oop according to this J.R. quote, “It’s crazy because after our first game when we played Boston, I saw him in the tunnel and he said, ‘Be careful wearing your hoodie because people are going to mistake that for you not wanting to play because you’re not starting or you being frustrated.
“I said, ‘OK, I can see that.’ But then you’re switching it up to say what you said [about Martin], it’s like, what are you talking about? It’s cool. I mean, I expect it. I should expect that at this point.” 

J.R. should not be put in the light that he was put in by Stephen A. just because he put the hood of his Nike warmup. Honestly, who cares if he wears a hood on the bench? It isn’t like he is wearing it during the National Anthem or a moment of silence or anything. He is wearing it on the bench of an NBA game. A game! J.R. is the Marshawn Lynch of the NBA and should just be allowed to do him while we all find it hilarious.

The thing that annoys me the most about this is if it isn’t okay for J.R. to wear a hoodie, then why in the world is everybody praising “Hoodie Melo?” I mean, Melo wearing a hoodie was one of the only things keeping him relevant lately. Why doesn’t Stephen A. say Melo wearing a hoodie is controversial? Why, as J.R. said, does Stephen A. single out J.R. out of everybody in the league?

This is just another idiotic take from the pretentious Stephen A. Smith. The man who thinks everything he says is correct and acts as if he is the most important human in the world. Go back to arguing with Max on First Take and stop trying to cause unnecessary controversy. J.R. Smith is a national treasure and we should appreciate his obliviousness and fun he brings to the game. Long live J.R. Smith!

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PS: Apparently Smith is going to try and fix this. Stay tuned…


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