Keep Jahlil Okafor as Far Away From Boston as Humanly Possible

Earlier this week, news broke that 76er’s big man Jahlil Okafor wants out of Philly and is likely to sign with the Celtics. Danny Ainge, if you’re reading this, do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT sign this piece of garbage with arms and legs. I have seen Okafor play in person three times, and every time he fouled out while producing almost nothing. There is nothing any Celtics fan should like about this potential signing and I am going to break it all down for you. If you’re a fan that wants Okafor, then pay very close attention to what I am about to say.

Okafor Plays ZERO Defense

For someone who stands at 6’11”, 275 lbs, Okafor is one of the worst defenders in the entire league. I’m talking Carmelo and I.T. bad. And it’s not even that he is trying, but not succeeding. He just doesn’t care at all. He takes no pride in protecting the rim, barely makes any contact with people posting him up, and openly allows people to score the ball. It is actually pathetic. Just take a look at him against the Heat less than a year ago.

Here’s what he had to say about his lack of defense.

This is not the type of “defender” that I want on this Celtics team.

He Only Plays Offense and That’s it

Jahlil is the type of player who needs the ball in his hands to succeed, or whatever his version of succeeding happens to be. That being said, he only averages 14.1 PPG over his career, so its not like that whenever he gets the ball, the game is severely impacted. How is this type of player supposed to compliment all around players like Al Horford and Aron Baynes. How is someone that doesn’t go after loose balls or hustle back on defense so he can get an offensive advantage going to win over Boston fans? For someone that needs to have the basketball in his hands to “produce,” he would only throw a massive wrench into the Celtics system that they already have going for them. Do we really want this fool taking any shots away from Brown, Irving, Horford, Tatum, Rozier, or really anyone else on this team? No. No we do not.

The Boston Media Will Rip. Him. Apart.

Look, I’m just an 18-year-old idiot who has opinions and speaks them. I hate anything to do with Okafor and am very passionate about that. Now, imagine this, for some reason the Celtics do in fact sign Okafor and they realize how terrible of a basketball player he actually is. Just think of the Boston media going at him every single game until his confidence is crushed. The people who make a living and have a career to talk Boston sports are going to think the same way I do. The only thing is, Okafor will hear it from them. They will tear him to shreds like a starving, rabid dog eating a piece of meat.

This past season, Okafor’s father tweeted at a reporter who criticized his son.

Imagine if he did this while his son played in Boston! Game over. That would be it for Okafor. If he thinks the people in Philly are bad, then Boston is going to be a rude awakening.

Are we also going to forget when he fought a Boston fan after a game?

This guy is a bonehead. If we want a guy who fought our fan, then we are insane. Why would we root for a guy who went against our city?

Where’s the Upside in Signing Him?

I mentioned this earlier, but how are the Celtics even going to use Okafor? Who would you want Okafor playing over? I’ll answer that for you right now, and that’s nobody. Don’t say that Yabu, Theis, or Ojeleye is worse than him, because you would be wildly incorrect. All three of those guys play their hearts out every night while Okafor barely plays. Like I said, he only wants to score the ball, but is not as good at it as he thinks he is. Even if we do sign him, we have Hayward coming back next season so we wouldn’t or at least shouldn’t sign him this year. It all would be a waste of time during a season this team needs to learn how to work with each other and gel. Even with him, this team is not beating Golden State.

At the end of the day, the is nothing good that will come with signing Okafor. Green Teamers are all over Twitter saying “we need to sign him because he is a former 3rd overall pick” or “he was a national champion at Duke.” Newsflash, he stinks. He cannot play in the NBA and should not even be considered to be a Celtic. I still find it hilarious that people actually believed that he would be better than Karl-Anthony Towns and said Towns would be a bust. People are dumb. Okafor is bad. The Celtics are good. That is all.

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