Stupid Things From the World of Sports

From Fox Sports Radio we have Colin Cowherd, who is getting dumber by the week, claiming Bill Belichick is going to retire soon and only made the Jimmy G trade to help out his friends around the league before heading off into the sunset. Yeesh, what drugs does Colin shove up his nostrils before he comes up with these inane rants? Belichick has friends in his own building, does he not? He’d rather help out the 49ers than his own staff? Get real. The rant is not even worth debating, it’s just idiotic.

Sticking with the Fox Network, Keith Hernandez was live on the air when David Ortiz moved in close and attempted to lick the broadcaster. Hernandez withdrew and said, “I’m not from San Francisco, bro.” Now Hernandez is in hot water, being accused of making homophobic comments. I’m not saying Keith’s comment is classy, but he didn’t exactly have a lot of time to react.  What self-respecting broadcasting school informs its students how to handle a tongue coming their way when the ‘On Air’ light is on?

And HOW on earth is David Ortiz once again getting off clean? Who licks or pretends to lick people on a sports telecast? Did the people ripping him expect him to lean towards David and say, “Hey, come right in Dave, I’ve always wanted to know how your big fat monkey ass-red tongue feels on my eardrum.” Seriously WTF is going on over at Fox? Is there something in the water?

And what happened when they got back to the studio? “Guys, I need to see you in my office. I don’t  like what you said on the air, Keith. If you have a problem with David’s saliva, tell me now, and I’ll get someone else to receive it. I told you when you were hired, and this goes for you, too, Alex: David is going to get his tongue more involved in the show. He may even mount you one of these days, and you have to stay composed. We’re producing a classy broadcast, and no matter when he attacks, your job is to keep the banter flowing. And David, we think you’re doing a solid job, can you go on Fox and Friends later? According to our data, America wants a tongue inserted into that show.”

Finally, the Browns had a trade in place to bring in AJ McCarron for a 2nd and 3rd round pick, but failed to fax the league in time. They missed the cutoff because, wait for it, they were prematurely celebrating the trade. It shows their ineptness at utilizing office machines, reading clocks, and evaluating QB talent.  Jimmy G goes for a 2nd-rounder, a day later the Browns punch AJ’s name into their data system and it spits out not one but two picks for a guy who is much worse.  The Browns should seriously consider razing the building, handing everyone in it a pink slip and starting over from scratch.






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